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Ottawa Marriage CounsellingMarriage counselling is a wise choice to rekindle love. Even in committed, loving relationships, counselling can help further growth and connection. Call us at 613-425-4257 to book an appointment with one of our experienced marital therapists.

Marriage counselling can help partners with the pressures of daily life when relationships erode like the ocean does the shore. And unfortunately, for far too many couples, what started as the best years of their lives ends in heartache and separation. Previously gentle words turn to harsh commands. Forgiveness turns to intolerance and final judgments.

Capital Choice Marriage Counselling Can Help

Consider a marriage and couples counsellor as your relationship choreographer—teaching you a new, more loving dance where both partners learn to dance together in step. If both partners want to learn, there is almost no marriage or relationship problem that cannot be fixed. To read more about re-creating your relationship and fostering connection, check out our e-book here.

Furthermore, these therapies are often covered by your health insurance plan. If investing in setting your relationship up for success is covered by your plan, why not take advantage of it?

How could this happen?
Building a lasting, fulfilling relationship is a skill that can be learned through marriage and couples counselling. We all need to learn the art of love and communication. That learning starts at a very young age. While we all learned math and grammar in elementary school, we learned how to love and be loved through an entirely different type of school: our family of origin.

If our parents and siblings communicated and loved effectively and with integrity, chances are we’ve developed the skills we need to build healthy relationships. If not, then we might need marriage counselling to learn the skills we need to maintain our relationships and make them last.

Love is a Dance

Imagine relationships as a dance. When both partners in a marriage are in sync, the dance is elegant. You move across the ballroom of your life with grace and poise, impressing everyone with your coordination and sense of each other’s rhythm.

Ottawa Marriage Hand HoldingWhen the tempo is off, however, bad things happen. Perhaps partners aren’t sure on who is leading. Someone’s feet get stepped on. The dance appears clumsy and awkward. And while you might laugh off the lack of coordination during those early steps, over time it becomes a lingering frustration that pulls you apart and makes you both want to stop.

Many marriage counselling techniques are based on Emotionally-Focused Therapy, which stress the need to communicate how different situations make us feel. This isn’t about blame or judgement. Quite the opposite—Emotionally-Focused Therapy is about ensuring both partners understand each others’ emotions, wants and needs. Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) is a structured psychotherapy approach to working with individuals, couples and families. Emotionally Focused therapy (EFT) views emotions as important in the development of people in both adaptive and maladaptive functioning. From the EFT perspective, change occurs by becoming aware of emotional self and how I bring this to my relationships with others, especially my partner. Relationships are attachment bonds and marriage counsellors need to address the security of the relationship bond, as well as the accessibility and responsiveness of each partner.

Perhaps one partner is angry, while the other feels guilty and avoidant? We can help bring those emotions to the surface, address the root causes, and heal the wounds that are getting in the way of your fulfillment.

For more about Emotionally-Focused Therapy, see our description here.

Marriage counselling also needs to look at previous attachment wounds each partner brings into the relationship. Family of origin therapy can help unpack wounds from your childhood that are dancing in your relationship. Family of origin therapy is often used when clients want to know themselves better, and how they became this way. Family of origin is the school we all went to and where we learned to be ourselves: for better or for worse. Family of origin is where one learns love, communication, parenting, dealing with stress, etc. Family of origin wounds are not one’s fault, but they are now your responsibility. Knowing the family of origin “there and then” helps someone to change their life to the “here and now”.

The wounds of the “there and then” family of origin often dance in the “here and now” of my present relationship, and the naming and claiming of wounds allows both partners to become more aware and change the dance into one of harmony.

Ottawa Marriage Counselling and Relationship Check-Up

You go to the dentist and the doctor every year, but what about checking in on your relationship or marriage? Like a check-up at your health practitioner’s, a check-up with a couple, marriage and relationship counsellor will help you identify and fix small problems before they become big ones. Contact Capital Choice Counselling Ottawa to find out more. If you live in Ottawa, Gatineau, Nepean, Orleans, or Kanata, call 613-425-4257.

Marriage Counselling Ottawa: When you want to benefit from seeing an Ottawa marriage counsellor, contact us. You can find confidence through marriage counselling Ottawa. Or if someone you love is hurting in relationships, our Ottawa marriage counselors are available. Our Ottawa marriage therapists are trained and experienced in marriage counselling. Our marriage counsellors are licensed psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, and counsellors that specialize in relationship and marriage repair. CCCG marriage counsellors provide marriage counselling, couples counselling and relationship help. CCCG has marriage counsellors, marriage psychologists, marriage psychotherapists and marriage therapists in Ottawa and the surrounding area. A CCCG marriage therapist can help when you are with feeling distant or struggling with your partner.

Marriage Relationships and Counseling
Marriage Relationships and Counseling
Marriage Counselling Ottawa - Save my marriage today review
Marriage Counselling Ottawa - Save my marriage today review
Relationships Matter | Workshops & Seminars | Ottawa
Relationships Matter | Workshops & Seminars | Ottawa ...
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