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Lincoln Hospital Mental Health Clinic

Lincoln Medical Center's Department of Behavioral Health provides comprehensive mental health services to individuals and families. A continuum of services is offered that includes inpatient as well as outpatient psychiatric care. The department is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, licensed clinical psychologists, nurses and social workers who work in collaboration to develop recovery plans tailored to meet the clients' individual needs.

The team provides patients with counseling and therapeutic regimens to treat acute and chronic conditions. Services are provided through the Adult Outpatient and Inpatient Units and Child and Adolescent Outpatient Mental Health Services. Comprehensive outpatient services include individual therapy, group therapy, bilingual therapy, medication management programs and assistance for clients with a severe behavioral health illness. Special services are also provided through the Mobile Crisis Unit.

The department participates in a number of preventive and community educational services including depression, alcohol and substance abuse screenings.

Recovery Center
This internationally renowned Center offers services to individuals with chemical addictions. Services include acupuncture treatment, individual and group counseling sessions, vocational assessment and skill building, toxicology testing and a variety of educational and therapeutic services. The Center provides addiction treatment services for chemically dependent women with young children. The Recovery Center also refers individuals for job training who are compliant with their treatment regimens.

Mobile Crisis Unit
Our team of behavioral health professionals, which includes social workers and trained case managers, provides emergency intervention services for adults, children and families within the community. The Unit provides short term crisis intervention until clients are assessed for formalized behavioral health services, dependent on their individual needs. These professionals also work closely with schools and other community organizations to ensure that at-risk children receive the specific services they need. The team serves as a referral resource and works in a key role with the New York City Emergency Management Services City Wide and in the Bronx.

MICA Services
The MICA Program provides services and referrals to mentally ill substance abusers presenting to the Hospital's Emergency Department and other services within the department.

Adult Outpatient Services
The Adult Outpatient Services Program provides mental health services to adults over the age of eighteen, including assessment, treatment planning, individual, group and family counseling, case management, crisis intervention to reduce mental and emotional distress. Our mental health specialists provide adults with the support and skills needed to manage and recover from difficult emotional, addictive and behavioral health issues.

This Program provides outpatient behavioral health services to children ages five to eighteen years and their families. Services include assessment, treatment planning, individual, group, family therapy, crisis intervention, discharge planning and consultation services to the Department of Pediatrics.

Inpatient Programs
The inpatient service is a 33-bed, 24-hour Office of Mental Health (OMH) licensed unit that provides services to individuals who require inpatient care in order to stabilize an acute psychiatric illness.

Consultation Services
The consultation liaison service provides follow-up care to assist clients in their recovery efforts as they begin to utilize the skills required to help them lead productive lives.

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Training Hospital and Clinic Facility Clinical, Mental ...
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Health & Wellness Clinic - Promoting Mental Health at ...
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